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Los Angeles Based Rock Band

They say that music is the language of the soul, and this is certainly true for K.S.X. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, K.S.X touches fans around the world with their Scorching Neo Bluesy Heavy Rock sound . Explore the site and check out their music.

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Best known as a local Los Angeles Ca Rock Band, K.S.X and their sound have developed and grown in popularity since 2018. Influenced by guitar driven Rock -n- Roll, they perform music that speaks to fans across the musical spectrum primarily genres from 80s-90s style Rock.

Their signature style has become synonymous with a diverse collection of melodies and compositions. This Rock Band is on the rise, and nothing can stop them from achieving the success they’ve worked so hard for. 2023 hopes to be a break out year for the band and they plan to  release three new Hard Rock tracks this summer. The new music is  without compromise to Kenny's always present blistering guitar work that captivates audiences and fellow guitar players world wide. Stay tuned for the new K.S.X release dates right here! 

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