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Meet The Band

K.S.X also known as the Kenny Shipman X'perience was established 2018 in Los Angeles Ca. The true birth of the band goes way back to the early 90's in San Jose Ca when guitarist Kenny Shipman & bassist Ron Ragone formed a Neo Classical Melodic Rock band called SAHARA. The two reunited in 2018 to form K.S.X and brought in Brazilian Prog Rock drummer Lufe Batera. The band has since released several singles and have been playing the LA music scene, opening for some of rocks heavy hitters such as Y&T, Lynch Mob, Vince Neil, RATT, Smith & Kotzen, & Geoff Tate just to mention a few.  

Kenny Shipman: Kenny was born in San Jose Ca and grew up in a musically rich & talented family. Raised on Motown, Blues & R&B, Kenny picked up the guitar at age 10 when his father Bay Area R&B singer & Gospel Leader Russell R Shipman Jr exposed his son to blues great Albert King & Rock Icon Jimi Hendrix. Kenny remembers this day oh so well and it was only 2 years later when Kenny brought home his first album purchase, Van Helen's debut record and played it for his father. Eruption was blasting through the Shipman household 24/7 and at that point, Kenny was moving on towards his Rock Guitar journey and to never look back. Kenny's early teenage years found him chasing guitar masters such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore & hometown hero Dave Meniketti to name a few major influences. Drenched in rich Soul vocal influences, Kenny was no rock singer. So the birth of K.S.X found the talented guitarist blending his heavy bluesy style vocal abilities and combined them with his blistering hot licks style of guitar playing. Some say this perfect storm lends itself to some of the infectious hooks and grooves you'll hear when listening to his songwriting. Having been called the Shredding Bluesy version of YJM, his 90s era vocal undertones make this artist a true throwback in a modern day time and is destine to mark his name in todays Rock Guitar's players to follow.


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